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XML Sitemap Generator error

Solution Error: When clicked on generate sitemap, got the following errors:

* There was a problem writing your sitemap file. Make sure the file exists and is writable. Learn more
* There was a problem writing your zipped sitemap file. Make sure the file exists and is writable. Learn more
* The building process took about 0 seconds to complete.
* If you changed something on your server or blog, you should rebuild the sitemap manually.
* If you encounter any problems with the build process you can use the debug function to get more information.

Solution: To fix (assuming you are working with cPanel):

1. Create the files manually:
a. Go to cPanel - > File Manager and navigate to the directory where your blog was installed
b. Click "Create New File"
c. In the right hand corner type sitemap.xml and click Create
d. Click "Create New File"
e. In the right hand corner type sitemap.xml.gz and click Create
2. Re-Generate the XML sitemap:
a. login to your blog as admin and go to the "Dashboard" interface
b. click on settings
c. click on XML-Sitemap
d. click on rebuild sitemap manually

If you still getting errors:
a. return to the cPanel and click on the sitemap.xml
b. in the right hand corner click Change Permissions
c. Check each one of the 3 boxes for "Read" and "Write" and click Change
d. repeat step 2 to try to rebuild the sitemap

If the XML Sitemap plugin is generating the sitemap file but you are seeing that certain search engines are not being notified (most commonly fails while Yahoo and Google are not having any problems) -- please ignore. There is nothing you can do on your part to address this issue. It will resolve itself and the search engines that have failed will collect your sitemap automatically.
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